Monday, January 23, 2006

Bush College Speech - Another Choreographed Event

With all the lies that are spewing out of the Whitehouse they claim, "This was not a staged event!" Oh yeah....I trust you are telling the truth! NOT!

This was a pre-ticketed event with planted people to ask pre-rehearsed questions/statements. Like the Iraqi woman who claims to have lost 10 family members under Sadam. Right!!! The attendees were pre-screened and hand picked. Not one single protest sign in the audience when we know all national polls show a majority discontent with the Bush administration. This was a tamed event....very controlled by the Bush/Cheney machine.

How gullible do you think we are?! Oh wait, your band of idiots stand by you!

GOOGLE: Hip-hip-hooray!!! Coodles for your strong stand against tyranny

Yahoo - shame on you!!!

Google deserves a slap on the back and a big kiss on the cheek for standing up against the government's request to fork over search records - SPYING ON AMERICA AGAIN! Shame on you King George!

I can happily say that I have never used Yahoo as a search tool. Google has always been my first choice. If ever I need a second search engine I use "Ask Jeeves". Google's strong stance to protect their records from villianeous tyrants is exactly why I will stay with Google for as long as they are operational.

Take that King George!


Talk about turning your back on a friend in need! (LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS OFF) I can't wait for the photos to come out....what will the spin machine spin then? I can see the much anticipated caption on every photo now!

Again Bush is insulting our intelligence once more! There's NO WAY an ambitious criminal political asshole like Abramoff is gonna end up at a Whitehouse function and NOT make it a point to introduce himself to the President and rub noses. Come on Bush (and your stupid band of idiots) - your lie to cover up your friendship better be good! We know you know him beyond a mere handshake. Bet Laura even bought his kids holiday presents - bought with special care and each child's individuality in mind.

ASSHOLE! What kind of friend are you to turn on someone you know?

My significant other keeps telling me: forget politics....they are all crooked - it's time to move out of the country, stop paying taxes and denouce our US citizenships! Oh if life were only so simple! Stupid crooked politicans piss me off but what pisses me off even more are the idiots who blindly believe in them despite the facts that are blowing up in their faces left and right on the news DAILY! How ignorant can you be?


That guy must have gargantuan (ugly) balls to hold a press conference defending Bush's spying on Americans in the name of national security!!! Especially when the asshole is still under investigation for leaking a CIA operative and risking national security (the lives of all US undercover operatives and their families).
WHAT AN ASSHOLE! I say he should get ASSHOLE of the Month award!!! Then Bush/Cheney should get 2nd runner up for coming up with that stupid publicity stunt! Hello!!!! What were you thinking - that America (a majority whom already disapproves of how you are running the country on ALL fronts - failing economy, war, healthcare, (lack of) ethics, immigration, budget & taxes, civil liberties, etc.) would actually believe a "threat to national security" on the justification of spying on us in the name of national security?" You kill me with your stupidity.


In liberating Iraq, we have moved that country from one unsafe villian to thousands of invisble villians of death whose strategy is to make every Iraqi citizen feel unsafe in their own home and in the streets of Iraq. Even GOP leaning media outlets like the Washington Post reports today that the educated elite are being forced to flee Iraq under threat of violence and death. And the rich and educated are leaving.
It's a real compelling story....I feel for the Iraqi people who are unable to flee their death ridden country - left to endure day by day the fear of "will I or my love ones be killed or maimed today?" What kind of life is that! Thank you America.
MESSAGE ALERT TO THE POOR IRAQI VICTIMS OF US-LED DEMOCRACY: Bush promised you exactly what he promised U.S. Katrina victims (of which 3,200+ still remain missing)....FALSE HOPE! By our own admission (top military brass & government officials) - we had no idea the insurgency was coming! AND GUESS WHAT? We have no plan to irradicate it! So, till we do....tread softly, keep your loved ones close and lock your doors. All Bush has done is given his croonies unchecked fat billion-dollar government contracts to play in Iraq or to produce weapons of war. How's your new infrustructure coming along! How safe are you? Big talker that one....shoots alot of shit for a cowpoke!
Wake up people - Iraq is a haven for death and destruction. Poor innocent people are dying or being maimed by the thousands. And our maimed America heros (veterans of war) who were lucky enough to return from Iraq will need life-long medical care in the billions that the Bush administration has not planned for. Bush is bleeding our country dry to the tune of $8-trillion dollars. Iraq is a L-O-N-G way from being a safe democratic country that can stand on her own. Y-E-A-R-S from it! And it will strain our already strained military to the brink of enforcing the draft and we are still faced with other hot spots like Iran, North Korea, Africa and South America. The Army has raised the age limit to 39 - desperate times means desperate measures! Why stop there? Where will we be a year from now?

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Been a long time I said, I HAVE A LIFE and this is my first time back here since Thanksgiving! What can I say....I have real life friends and family IN THE FLESH. Unlike Dumbgirl whose life is all wrapped up in bloggerland.
But I've never stopped listening to the news and the idiots in Washington keeps giving us reasons to laugh, cry and scream. Not to mention laugh our fucking asses off because people....2006 is gonna be good! Can you say "investigations"?
Convictions, indictments, Plame-gate, snoop-gate, rule breaking republicans, pissed of judges, whistle-blowers (God thanks you!), Patriot Act, etc. etc. etc. Oh it's gonna be good...pass the popcorn please! is a great site that includes upcoming events that require your support. Visit their site and click on TAKE ACTION for the latest Action Alerts.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas (Ha...I said it and I'm Catholic). I don't think you're all idiots so I won't even comment on the Christmas lecture given by Dumbgirl. Dah!!! After reading her post on Kwanzaa I have to ask "Does she have any black friends?" Wonder if she got a new white sheet for Christmas (to replace her well worn out one). Oh shit, do you think the NSA is reading this?

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Real Iraq

Any idiot knows that there are two sides to every story! And in Iraq it is no different. You will find those that are happy with day to day life & their new-found freedom AND you will find those that are not. Obviously or there would be no insurgents or those sympathetic to their cause. If I had half the time Dumbgirl spends on the net blogging I am sure to find many Iraqi blogs who are greatful Saddam is gone, credits the US for it but now wants us gone.

Same can be said for our very own US soldiers....there are those 100 percent behind their Commander in Chief regardless of what's going on and who serve but have reservations or bluntly do not agree with their Commander in Chief. All you have to do is watch Discovery Time's documentary coverage of actual US soldiers as they serve in Iraq. Or you may know someone who served in Iraq who never wants to go back.

There are two sides to every story. Don't be ignorant to either.

Another GOP who "did the worst thing an elected official can do-he enriched himself thru his position & violated the trust of those who put him there"

GOP Lawmaker Pleads Guilty to Tax Charge, Quits
Rep. Cunningham’s sale of home to defense contractor sparked inquiry
Lenny Ignelzi / AP file

NBC News and news services
Updated: 5:55 p.m. ET Nov. 28, 2005
SAN DIEGO - Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, an eight-term congressman and hotshot Vietnam War fighter jock, pleaded guilty to graft and tearfully resigned Monday, admitting he took $2.4 million in bribes from defense contractors to steer business their way.
“The truth is I broke the law, concealed my conduct, and disgraced my office,” the 63-year-old Republican said at a news conference. “I know that I will forfeit my freedom, my reputation, my worldly possessions, most importantly, the trust of my friends and family.”
He could get up to 10 years in prison at sentencing Feb. 27 on federal charges of conspiracy to commit bribery and fraud, and tax evasion.
Investigators said Cunningham, a member of a House Appropriations subcommittee that controls defense dollars, secured contracts worth tens of millions of dollars for those who paid him off. Prosecutors did not identify the defense contractors.
Cunningham was charged in a case that grew out of an investigation into the sale of his home to a defense contractor at an inflated price.
The congressman had already announced in July — after the investigation became public — that he would not seek re-election next year. But until he entered his plea, he had insisted he had done nothing wrong.
Cunningham’s plea came amid a series of GOP scandals: Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas had to step down as majority leader after he was indicted in a campaign finance case; a stock sale by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is being looked at by regulators; and Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff was indicted in the CIA leak case.
The Democratic National Committee was quick to respond to the latest of Republican woes.
“Cunningham is just one more example of a party that has lost its moral compass and replaced it with a treasure map of personal and special interest gain,” Democratic National Committee Communications Director Karen Finney said in a press release. “America can do better.”
Cunningham’s office refused to comment.
“This is now a personal matter for the congressman and his family,” Cunningham’s Chief of Staff, Harmony Allen, said.
Cunningham, a swaggering former flying ace with the Navy during the Vietnam War, was known on Capitol Hill for his interest in defense issues and his occasional outbursts.
Over $2 million in bribes In court documents, prosecutors said Cunningham admitted receiving at least $2.4 million in bribes paid in a variety of forms, including checks totaling over $1 million, cash, antiques, rugs, furniture, yacht club fees and vacations.
Among other things, prosecutors said, Cunningham was given $1.025 million to pay down the mortgage on his Rancho Santa Fe mansion, $13,500 to buy a Rolls-Royce and $2,081 for his daughter’s graduation party at a Washington hotel.
“He did the worst thing an elected official can do — he enriched himself through his position and violated the trust of those who put him there,” U.S. Attorney Carol Lam said.
Cunningham was allowed to remain free while he awaits sentencing. He also agreed to forfeit his mansion, more than $1.8 million in cash, and antiques and rugs.
The case began when authorities started investigating Cunningham’s sale of his Del Mar house to defense contractor Mitchell Wade for $1,675,000. Wade sold the house nearly a year later for $975,000 — a loss of $700,000 in a hot real estate market.
Prosecutors did not specify if the house purchase was part of Cunningham’s guilty pleas.
In addition to buying Cunningham's home at an inflated price, Wade let him live rent-free on the congressman’s yacht, the Duke Stir, at a yacht club. Wade’s company, MZM Inc., also donated generously to Cunningham's campaigns.
Around the same time, MZM was winning defense contracts.

"Where you surprised? Hell no!!! Another asshole GOP knocked off his pedestal, who thought he was above the law, who abused his position for personal gain, who pointed his holy finger at all the nay-sayers, who in the end turned out to be just a low-life thug dressed in a business suit and lived richly off his ill gotten gains. But this asshole is an angel compared to the Devil himself Cheney. Cheney has blood on his hands....US soldiers, the international coalition and Iraqis. Wonder how Dumbgirl feels now seeing her party getting ripped to shreds for their lack of morals? There is clearly ethical problems in the GOP and the religious nuts still don't get it.

This is but a small taste of what Cheney is all about. No bid billion dollar contracts to Halibuton without an oversight committee is what I've taken issue with long before we invaded Iraq - when the Iraqi propaganda machine was spitting their venomous lies and squashing anyone who contradicted them (Plame gate) and the no ink was not yet dry on these no bid contracts way before we invaded Iraq. We all know, that no matter what party sits in power, oversight is a necessary tool to keep these money-hungry lawmakers honest as best we could. I cannot wait till there's a political change of power on the Hill or in the White House and investigations get underway in full earnest...hopefully we won't have to wait that long and it sure seems like we might not have to. The shit will hit the fan....and Devil Cheney with his fucked up heart will probably not live through the shame. Wait....the Devil knows no shame cuz' he is an arrogant asshole. And stupid rightwing nutsos - when Cheney does croak his blood-tainted riches will go to support his gay daughter and the life style you so venomously reject. Ha!!!

The Bush family has blood on their hands too. It was Bush's uncle's bogus firm that received multi-million dollar contracts to investigate the WMD's in Iraq. Go do your research people....and know that the Bush family has benefited from wars pass and has even been charged with crimes related to past wars. Details to follow.

Again, the shit will continue to hit the fan....clumps of it! But not without more suffering by the innocent for the Devil's & the puppet's ill-gotten gains.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Let's see...what can we thank our President & his band of idiots for?

  • Trillion dollar deficit
  • $200 billion cost for the Iraq war (and counting)
  • 2,000-plus US soldiers dead in Iraq (and counting)
  • No bid billion dollar contracts to Haliburton & other GOP kiss-asses
  • Tax break to the wealthy paid for by the middle class and the poor
  • Esculating heathcare costs
  • Their brilliant marketing of "Part D: Prescription Benefit for 65 & Older" which the elders do not understand but are slowly discovering that under this new plan they now have to pay more money for medicine
  • Energy crisis - high gas prices STILL!
  • GOP sanctioned corporate raping of America
  • New Orleans in ruins and thousands dead or homeless
  • Speaking of the Big Easy, no bid million dollar contracts to more GOP kiss-asses rather than stimulating the economy by awarding work to those who live there
  • A safe sense for being "American" abroad
  • Billion bollar contract to Donald Rumsfeld's pharmaceutical company (bird flu vaccine)
  • US auto industry massive lay-offs
  • Major airlines in bankruptcy or ready to fold
  • White House indictments and investigations: Rove, Libby, DeLay, Cheney, etc.
  • Congressional scandal and investigations - Indian Casino bribe money (this net is going to be big and wide), fundraising crimes, pimping our government
  • No defined plan on illegal immigration
  • No defined plan on healthcare reform
  • No defined plan on social security reform
  • Strained relations with international governments/allies
  • Failed Homeland Security
  • Ruling us with fear: Terrorism, Bird-Flu, etc.
  • Treason: Devuldging national secrets for personal revenge
  • A government you can trust

Feel free to add anything else....Happy Thanksgiving!


Hmmm...what is the Catalogue for Philanthropy? It is a charitable organization aimed at donor education. Each year, the Catalogue features 65-70 charities and provides evidence of their excellence. It is then mailed to wealthy individuals, encouraging them as potential donors to think creatively about their charitable giving.

What is the National Generosity Index? Devised from IRS individual tax records to compare the rank of each state's average adjusted gross income (AAGI) to the rank of each state's average itemized charitable deductions (AICD). Admitted a crude method.

Does it take into account the difference in cost-of-living from state to state? No! Quote: Your ranking doesn’t seem to take into account costs of living, which may be why so-called “wealthy states” such as Connecticut, California and Massachusetts rank lower in the Generosity Index.
Costs of living are difficult to take into account because there is no statewide data on costs of living -- that data is around metropolitan areas. Furthermore, costs of living only kick in as a factor as you go down the income scale; at the upper reaches of income, costs of living are not an inhibiting factor, and the majority of charitable giving is done by those at the top of the income scales. Unquote.

So it is obvious, this index is inaccurate because it doesn't take into account real world average Joes and Janes. Dumbgirl always manages to put her sick political twist on everything. She speaks ill of democrat senators yet she has zero access to their financial records. Be fair Dumbgirl...what say you about the wealth and charitable givings of wealthy republicans like Bush and the Bush clan, Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, millionaire senators, etc. etc. etc. cuz' the list goes on. Before you go throwing stones maybe you should clean out the closet first to make sure you have no dirty laundry...mud slinger!

GOP is about corporate business and the wealthy...they are not for the little guy. There's lots of blood on their hands. Don't even begin to make charitable givings a political issue Missy! You and your party have no room to talk!

GOP introduced and made law the tax break for the wealthy and is taking from the poor to make up the gap. How's that for charity?

Welfare System as defined by Columbia Encyclopedia 6th Ed 2004: Organized provision of educational, cultural, medical, and financial assistance to the needy. Modern social welfare measures may include any of the following: the care of destitute adults; the treatment of the mentally ill; the rehabilitation of criminals; the care of destitute, neglected, and delinquent children; the care and relief of the sick or handicapped; the care and relief of needy families; and supervisory, educational, and constructive activity, especially for the young.

And in closing let's not forget it was Jeb Bush's wife who went on a one day shopping trip to Paris France and got caught lying on her US customs form to avoid paying taxes. How's that for trying to hide her wealth!

CNN - X marks the Spot!!!

Oh that is so hilarious!!! Almost gives Cheney a Gorbechev look - ROTFLMAO!!! Way to go CNN! Dumbgirl - your point is? Are you afraid people will mistake the "X" for target practice...HA-HA-HA!!!
Way funny!!!


"Our military has done everything that has been asked of them, the US cannot accomplish anything further in Iraq militarily. It's time to bring them home." - Rep. Murtha-(D) 37-year Marine Colonel, Bronze Star, 2 Purple Hearts

The 109th US House of Representatives had a wasteful day November 18th that showed just how stupid the GOP really is! In response to America's growing disagreement with Bush Iraq War policy (no policy...stay the course indefinitely at the cost of billions of dollars & US blood so Bush/Cheney croonies can make their billions), Bush/Cheney all-time low poll numbers, 2006 election fears (democrats recent election wins in heavily GOP favored areas), bad press (investigations and indictments), political pressure (GOP in-fighting, democrats finally growing backbones) GOP bungling of Hurricane Katrina (FEMA embarrassment), US energy crisis, trillion dollar deficit, auto-industry woes, airline industry woes AND less than 24-hours after Democrat Representative Murtha call for troop withdrawal, the GOP introduced House Resolution 571 calling for immediately troop withdrawal. They weren't serious about was a ploy to embarrass the Democrats regardless of which way they voted to use as political tool come next election. Even a GOP-favor media figure saw it for what it was and couldn't sugarcoat it- read here. The scandal-plagued GOP continues to not get it - America is disenchanted with the GOP and wants change! Not just in Iraq but right here at home too!

H.R.571 failed miserably because it was not a sound plan. It was a joke...a bad joke that insults the intelligence of the American people. The text of H.R.571 is not yet registered in the Library of Congress by the GOP which generally takes a day or two to get there. I guess it is too embarrassing for them to file. Taken from the U.S. Library of Congress website:

QUOTE "The text of H.RES.571 has not yet been received from GPO" Bills are generally sent to the Library of Congress from the Government Printing Office a day or two after they are introduced on the floor of the House or Senate. UNQUOTE

It is not unpatriotic to want the war to end and our boys/girls brought home. That's what the GOP publically calls anyone who speaks out. America was founded on bucking the system when you know it is wrong. Instead of listening and adapting to what America wants, the GOP answers with insults by Bush, Cheney and our dirty Senators. Bush/Cheney claims the very people who are speaking out voted for the war based on the very same intelligence that they were privy to. America knows that is a lie on top of lies. As a result, Bush/Cheney has soften their attacks on their attackers but still say they will stay the course by NOT withdrawing troops.

And now the Iraq government is publically call for US troop withdrawal. Add to that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (another dirty croonie) has publically announced it is possible to start troop withdrawal some time after the Dec2005 Irai election by 60,000 men/women. I would hate to be amoung the 100,000 left behind. Hmmm - contradictions and buckling under pressure! Amazing what an upcoming election year can do to make dirty politicians waffle. I say, let's make every frickin' year an election year and shorten term! Let them know if they f-up they will get voted out. Remeber folks, when you elect a US senator - they will serve a 6-year term! That's a fricking long time to have to put up with their crap! The GOP has fucked us up for years to's going to be a rough road. The people in the middle downwards are going to suffer over the next decade because of GOP kill-the-little-guy policies. Vote well people!!! Write your Senators and let them know you are monitoring their every move. Political pressure works!!!

One more thing: the US war on Iraq is a success! Sadam is gone and Iraq is a better place. Over-occupation is taking all the glory out of our win and putting us in financial dire-straits. We demand troop pull-out not because we are scared but because we refuse to waste one more American life or one more American dollar on Iraq. We also sent a wrong message around the globe when we took the stand that WE ARE THE POWERFUL ALMIGHTY - DON'T FUCK WITH US! Bush/Cheney set us back 50 years with our political allies. Nobody likes a bully! And that is what this GOP is - a bully! Not just to the world but to the very people whom they govern.

GOOD READS: (I'm not a plagarist, so here's links to read)
US House votes down troop withdrawal, but war divisions widen
Public Can Force Iraq Troop Withdrawal, Lawmakers and Critics Say
Iraqi Leaders Urge a Timetable for Eventual Troop Withdrawal
The Politics of Troop Withdrawal
Rice: No Deadline for Iraq Troop Withdrawal
As White House Smears Iraq Critics, Pentagon Readies Plan for Withdrawal
U.S. lays groundwork for Iraq troop withdrawal: Rumsfeld comments, other signs point to plans for transition

Discovery Time is running good telling documentaries on the Iraq War as told by the soldiers themselves that supports what good honest people have been saying, "Our boys did us proud - We won the war & helped to free Iraq but over-occupation is demonizing our good works!" We have lost more men/women during peace-keeping operations than we did fighting the war. Go and listen to the soldiers talk. Dumbgirl Amy doesn't have a clue!

What remains of Iraq is an ethnic religious war between the Shi'ites and the Sunnis. We can't decide how this will end...religious/ethnic war has raged throughout the Middle East for thousands of years. We don't have a magic wand to make them drop their weapons & love each other. Isreal has learnt to deal with their religious enemies and Iraq must do the same without outside intervention. Another good read: Iraqi PM Criticizes Call for US, British Troop Withdrawal

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


There are many people around the country who voted for Bush/Cheney (not me). There were many who at first supported the war on Iraq (not me)...with 9/11 so fresh on their minds and Saddam's in-your-face defiance of U.N. policy.

There are some (like me) who felt we should finish our mission in Afghanistan before diverting money and man-power (troops on the ground) from the main issue - war on terrorism! Defying UN policy was not as important as catching Bin Laden. I don't believe that we had wrong intelligence on Iraq's WMD arsenal. I believe we were lied to with trumped up information and that the White House played a trick on an unsuspecting Congress and the American people. Sadam and his band of idiots were bad people and I do believe that there are Iraqis who want and deserve democracy. I can say the same for places like Cuba, China, Africa, Haiti and South America (only to name a few). I felt that Bush/Cheney both had personal agendas when they lied to America about why Iraq should be invaded.

I don't think America knew then that we would be spending billions over the next 10 years for the sake of freeing Iraq. They saw how fast Desert Storm was won and how fast Afghanistan fell and thought that invading Iraq was going to be a walk in the park. The Middle East has fought religious wars for thousands of years...and the West has always been perceived as the infidel. I don't think America knew that Haliburton would get a FAT no bid contract to rebuild Iraq. We knew it had to do with oil...but didn't know that we would be paying over $3 a gallon for gas almost 3 years later.

GOP and right-wing dingbats love to slander anyone who questions the war. They call you unpatriotic and accuse you of "not supporting the troops." Cut and Run they say. I don't think so. Our troops have done a fine job. Dumbgirl is so uninformed & thinks she speaks for the troops when she says "we want to stay in Iraq - hell no we won't go (home)" she is so frickin' wrong. Watch Discovery Times documentary OFF TO WAR if you want to see the other side of the coin that Dumbgirl professes does not exist. When the GOP/far right/Dumbgirl starts to use words like unpatriotic and hypocricy against people who do know right from wrong they need to examine themselves and ask where does all the lies come from!


The man with no plan criticizes anyone who speaks out against the war. He firmly puts out that his critics voted for war based on the same intelligence reports that he himself looked at. Well, isn't that a punch of crap!!! The Iraq-War-For-Oil-and-No-Bid-Contract-For-Hailburton propaganda machine made sure that Congress received only the twisted information meant for them to see. NOT! And only idiots would believe more lies on top of lies. How stupid can some people be?!

Bush is dodging all the bad issues circling the White House by travelling abroad but the questions dog him everywhere he goes. He was welcomed in South America with riots and arrived in South Korea to hear the public announcement that they will be pulling thier troops out of Iraq. How's that for a slap in the face?! Go your "Where in the World is Bush?" globe trotting game so you can see what it's now like to be an American in foreign lands. Not very welcoming huh? Atleast you have secret service protection everywhere you go.

The twinkle is gone from his eyes....he's feeling it! Bush has turned down his tone.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bush & Cheney Criticize War Critics

What frickin' buffoons!!! Ding-dong Bush & the Devil himself Cheney gives the American public zero credit when it comes to sagging ratings and the Iraq war. They actually believe it was the opportunists Democrats swaying public opinion with their anti-war rhetoric!!! Ass-holes...pure assholes them two bookends!
America is frickin' tired of the direction this evil administration has taken us and damn-it, we won't stand for more. I told everyone who would listen BEFORE we invaded Iraq that it was an evil plan by the two dingbats (Bush/Cheney) for their personal gains. We all know that Bush the father was blamed for Dessert Storm failure to get Saddam and Saddam's assassination attempt on old-man Bush. Dingbat Bush had revenge on his mind (plus oil) whereas Cheney (fat pig) was in it for the money....oil, Haliburton...and because he is just plain evil. I always felt they were sacrificing American blood for their personal gains. They don't frickin' realize that every drop of blood counts. Every life is precious and worth living. We are talking young American kids with so much life ahead of them. At 42, all I have to do is look back 10-years of my personal life--WOW! So much has transpired. I bought a house, went through several cars, travelled, attended school, held a couple of great jobs, watched a business venture start up and fail, saw the internet grow leaps/bounds, watched my kids grow from diaper rug-rats to driving responsible teenagers with all the headaches. If I go back 20 years I've made several major moves, borne kids, attend reunions, etc. etc. etc. Soooo much happens in a person's life from year to year. Each day worth living - be it good or be it bad. Every life counts. Young Americans dying in Iraq for Bush/Cheney greed is unacceptable!!! Totally unacceptable! They have so much to live for, so many lives to touch. Let's not leave out the older Americans dying in 42, I don't know what the future holds but if all THAT can happen in the past 20 years, imagine what the next 20 will bring. Every life counts!!!

Reagan brought down the Iron Curtain with diplomacy never brought us into war despite pre-election fears that he would. Killing for any reason is wrong!!! Don't give me that religious crap justifying killing any human being. Saddam will have his day in hell. Don't give me the sob stories about the atrocities Saddam vented on Iraqis. #1) They are responsible for themselves and their own disposition...#2) that kind of shit exists elsewhere around the globe and we can't be saviour to all (at American expensive of lives and money) we have enough problems of our own thank you very much!

The extreme right GOP has raped this country and the American people will stand no more for it. Get angry America....while you are net-surfing stop by US Congress website to find out what the Senate and the House was up to for the did your Congressman/woman vote on the issue. Get active and let them know you're gonna hold them accountable. Be informed.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dumbgirl Changes Blog

Hmmm! Kinda makes one wonder what exactly is it that she was thinking or hoping to achieve by moving - some call it running. Would it stop traffic? No - we'll keep coming as long as Dumbgirl is blogging. Blocking IPs is fruitless! Would it unassociate her with "Dumbgirl" tag? No - she will always be a dumbgirl! Would it make Dumbgirl harder to find? No - she has way too much time on her hands blogging all over the blogsphere with loose lips - googlers unite! And Dumbgirl relishers if you've been up to speed with googling and blogging you will know that a nerve has been struck and Dumbgirl has gone to confession.
You see, Dumbgirl can try to silence innocent bloggers but if someone has something to say then it will be said.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


What are they afraid of? Censorhip at it's finest!

October 19, 2005

The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld
Department of Defense
The PentagonWashington, DC 20301

Dear Secretary Rumsfeld:

We are writing to express our concern about the lack of political balance in talk radio programming on the Department of Defense's (DoD) American Forces Network and to request a definitive timeline by which we can expect DoD to correct this imbalance.

More than a year ago, the Senate unanimously adopted a resolution offered by Senator Harkin expressing the sense of the Senate that the Secretary of Defense should ensure full implementation of the American Forces Radio and Television Service goal of maintaining equal opportunity balance with respect to political programming.

AFN Radio carries the shows of a wide range of conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, and James Dobson, to the near total exclusion of progressive talk radio hosts. This is in violation of DoD's own guidelines on political programming on the American Forces Network, specifically, DoD Directive 5120.20R, which calls for political programming on American Forces Network that is "characterized by its fairness and balance," as well as news programming guided by a "principle of fairness" that requires "reasonable opportunities for the presentation of conflicting views on important controversial public issues."On September 29, 2005, Manny Levy, Chief of the Radio Division of the American Forces Network Broadcast Center, formally advised the syndicate that distributes "The Ed Schultz Show" that AFN Radio would "begin carrying the first hour of 'The Ed Schultz Show' each day, beginning Monday, October 17, 2005 at noon PT/3 ET." However, higher-level DoD officials subsequently backtracked on this commitment. A Pentagon spokesman said that Mr. Levy "got ahead of the process," and that no decision had been made in a review of which programming to add to the network.

Inclusion of "The Ed Schultz Show" would have been a first, partial step toward achieving balance in political programming on AFN Radio. Even that first step has been abruptly canceled. Why, more than a year since the Senate passed its resolution, has DoD not implemented any program changes to balance political programming? At this late date, why is DoD still in violation of its own guidelines for political programming on AFN Radio? Given the time that has passed since this issue was brought to the attention of DoD by the Senate, the problem is not that Mr. Levy was "ahead of the process." The problem is that DoD is woefully behind in addressing this imbalance and coming into full compliance with its own guidelines and procedures.

We request that you provide us with an action plan and timeline for achieving greater political balance in AFN Radio programming as quickly as possible. We respectfully request that you
respond to this letter by November 1, 2005.

Tom Harkin United States Senator
Byron L. Dorgan United States Senator
Carl Levin United States Senator
Frank Lautenberg United States Senator
Mark Dayton United States Senator
Jack Reed United States Senator
Ron Wyden United States Senator
Daniel Akaka United States Senator
Christopher Dodd United States Senator
Edward Kennedy United States Senator
Russell Feingold United States Senator
Barack Obama United States Senator
John Kerry United States Senator

FREEDOM OF SPEECH are sorrily unimformed - you will only get Dumbgirl's onesided blind-love for the GOP, not the facts, not the truth...there is no objectivity to her site, only bias right wing crap with a big twist of religious rheotoric. Dumbgirl follows her party with blinders on (trust Georgie on this one she says). Hate for all things un-GOP is clear in every single post she write and every post is a shot at Liberalism or anything to the Left. No matter how eloquently she expresses's still reaks. As Dumbgirl bluntly puts it, she's the dictator of her's her way or the highway. I don't see how you can consider her blog anything but hateful comments from a hate-filled Dumbgirl. She doesn't present the facts from both sides then let you debate about it and choose. I, however, choose to look both ways before I cross the street...that's the smart choice. No one party is right with party can throw the first stone.

Like all things American - you will find difference of opinions. However, if you don't agree with Dumbgirl she will label you a troll then delete you. Dumbgirl thinks that just because her hubby is in the Army who has served in Iraq she has the 10/4 on everything every soldier thinks and feels. Not! There are many who feel differently - retired and those stilll in uniform. There's even highly decorated honorable men who do not agree on the Iraq war.

If you listen to the news about all the controvery surrounding the White House - and the indictments and ongoing will not find it discussed by Dumbgirl. She can't talk about Bush's sagging all-time-low rating. Has she posted about the Scooter Libby indictment? Has she questioned herself or her readers as to what role Cheney plays in all this? Has she discussed Carl Rove's ongoing investigation & the fact that he should be put on administrative leave, stripped of his access to high security info till the investigation against him is closed once and for all? Any public official under investigation is put on admin leave till cleared. Holy shit, we are talking about treason and giving out highly classified information on a US uncover operative all done with purposeful and hateful intentions! Even Trent Lott (R) says Rove should step down. Or how about the recent democratic forced closed session of Congress and the reasons for it (Iraq war)? Has she discussed Bush's stupid bird-flu plan that wants to stock pile vaccine (idiot hasn't heard of mutations) and give billions to a pharmaceutical company with Donald Rumsfeld as major stockholder? Does she challenge the GOP-held Congress for constantly reducing/eliminating programs established to help the People? I say, if Congress can take away from the People things like healthcare then why can't we the People reduce their fat salaries (rank and file senators make $158,000 a year) and reduce their benefits (they have the best healthcare program and pension plan FOR life after serving a mere 5 years (might be off on the years but only by 1 or 2)? I have a family member who gave 25 great years in the military with combat time before retiring a year ago. He and his wife were shocked to learn what his cobra payment would be to continue his health plan - over $1,300 a month. AND 3 other of his life-long military friends & neighbors learnt too late that once you are on your own!!! I know people in the Navy and the Army and even a 4-bird colonel Air Force. They loved their work & their country. Wait till Dumbgirl's hubby retires or chose not to re-enlist. She'll feel it then and just might need welfare again cuz' her hubby's military retirement check (if he gets one) won't cut it. Let's see what they do for medical coverage for the family. So much for her war on welfare. No, Dumbgirl does not speak of these critical issues because it would just burst her bubble. She dodges the truth to bring you garbage like "Halloween" and "Real Men" and "Pornification" and "Racism".

You should listen to both sides....and then decide for yourself. To quote Dumbgirl's hero (Stupid Georgie) "Fool me once, (pause of confusion) shame on.....shame on you! If fooled me can't get fooled again!

What a dumbass!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Rosa Parks

Simple comment...South Carolina refused to lower their flags (half-staff) to honor Rosa Parks. Isn't that ironic that Dumbgirl is from there? Hmmm....

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Dumbgirl has nothing political to talk about these days since there is nothing but trouble for her safe venue eh?! So we end up with tidbit postings on:

LOGIN/PASSWORD: Censorship at it's finest! I guess you were never good at debates. You claim to serve as voice for military wives around the globe but you are not. There are military wives out there who do not share your hate and cynicism.

HOME SCHOOLING: Been there, done that! Word from the wise....Seton math is very remedial and your child will be easily bored. We homeschooled our kids and picked/chosed from different programs as there is no one catch all program. Oh wait--you are one-track minded! So forget my recommendation. Garbage in, garbage out!

ATKINS DIET: You mean the hostile fat catholic army housewife lost 10 pounds! You still look fat to me in your party dress. Not that there's anything wrong with fat. Are you so enamoured of Donna, Kathy and Alice that you can't leave enough alone?! Way I see if, Donna has nothing bad to say about you even after what you did to her. You're a nasty dumbgirl! I guess since you finally lost your passion for G&G you've moved on to blogging political half-wit commentary.


Condi Rice - it doesn't matter real photo or doctored she's so ugly! Here is the epidome of a white woman in a black woman's body! She doesn't represent!!! Give me Oprah who enspires any day!

Objective Dumbgirl is not! Amy claims to not subscribe to mainstream media because they are liberal hogwash then she goes on to quote them and even puts links on her site to them. Wishy-washy Dumbgirl!

In the wise words of Ronald Reagan, "Trust but verify!"


Dumbgirl said some would view this as Republican weakness. NAH! I see it as an idiot president who stuck it to America in their faces by nominating a long time friend who has served him well to keep him out of trouble and the dumb robot idiot stupid Righties who kept saying "Trust Bush....he knows something we don't know!"

Dumbgirl ridicules the extreme right wingers (i.e. just average americans who dare to go to church). What a bitch! You know, I grew up around the catholic church and served it in many ways...I found the most cynical snotty holier-than-thou assholes there who proclaim themselves keeper of the faith. Dumbgirl is no different. She is hypocritical and thinks she is above all. I would hate to count her as a friend and pity those that do. Judgement day comes to those that Judge.

Dumbgirl ends the post by contradicting herself (all in one paragraph) by praising the extreme right wingers for their impeccable taste.

Dumbgirl! So wishy-washy! Get a brain will you!?


Quiet frankly, I don't think this is a subject to be made fun of or talked about so non-challantly. I pray for those who gave up their lives so honorably (and the loved ones they left behind) all at the command of an idiot (Bush) and a tyrant himself (Cheney) both who are profiting off the war along with their croonies. May Bush/Cheney forever be haunted by their memories!

Good luck and God be with those who are there now fighting for a cause not so important to us and our very own freedom.


Figuring some banned people want to answer this - give it your best shot! Here's mine:

1) #1 Pet Peeve - Close-minded people!

2) Who is more important to catch: Osama Bin Laden or al-Zarqawi? Both!

3) What 3 things do you do for fun? Obviously a newfound one is saying my piece on topics discussed by Dumbgirl. Freedom of speech baby! Primarily it's spending time with my family and traveling.

4) Does the way a person behaves in cyberspace reflect upon their overall character? Absolutely.

5) Do you believe in "soulmates"? Yes (These questions are so dumb but what the heck...onward to the next).

6) What would the world be like if Jesus had not yet been born? Geez....I shudder to think! See answer to number 5.

7) What 3 things have you never done? 1) fly into outerspace, 2) go on a date with Raymond & 3) won the lotto.

8) What 3 things will you never do? See answers to question 7.

9) Do you want a democracy in Iraq? Sure but the question is do they want it for themselves as a gift from America?

10) What is your ideal definition of a "friend"? Based on your definition, do you have one? Are you one? One who you can say anything to, give and take criticism from and communicate with on a regular basis. Heck yeah! And heck yeah again!

Painfully stupid questions but answered nonetheless!

The Al-Jazeera/Michael Moore/Cindy Sheehan Connection

Okay...this proves it! Dumbgirl has tooooooooooo much time on her hands. Can somebody give her a job! What paranoia!!!


Hee-hee-hee!!! Never ever forget that JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!
The Republican party came out strong speaking against corruption demanding honest government for the people. Look at them now. Seems like they are getting a foul taste of their own medicine - investigation, investigation, investigation. And these investigations are coming through with merit.

All politicians are dirty. They are all under someone's fingertip - it's the only way to get elected in America - true role models for a democratic society. It's mafia days revisited. Dumbgirl once asked me, "Why are you so negative?" Hello!!! It doesn't matter who is in the WhiteHouse or Congress - shit is everywhere!

Clean house America! Clean house!


In the wise ol' words of gullible Righties everywhere...."I don't like the sound of her but I'm just gonna have to trust Bush on this one! He knows something that we don't know (DUH!) and I will follow him blindly to the ends of the Earth! MUAH!!!!"

I say that Bush is putting his buddy in it's proper place to serve his needs. Wonder if she is hiding under his desk too! Bush won the 2000 Election by the rule of the Supreme Court, not the public vote, and it is only befitting that he keeps it under his grasp especially when after he is long out of office and the investigations start rolling against him and his administration. He's gonna need people in high places to save his ass!

Bush's selection is an embarrassment to the Republican party. Let's just sit back and watch the Republicans tear themselves apart over it. Hee-hee-hee!


Oh great! That's all we need is an army housewife with too much time on her hands to narrate the Sadam trial take by take. We don't need you to tell us he is evil! I say, hang him high and off with his head.

Maybe you should spend your time more effectively campaigning for your government to get busy finding other evil men like Bin Laden and
Al-Zarqawi. Tell us what's going on with that since you have actual sources on the ground in the hot zone. Eh?!


Is that the best Dumbgirl has to give on this subject to make excuses or to justify why her President would stage such an event to fool America?! Did he really think the American public is THAT stupid to buy into the hype? Oh wait....he's got the half-wit Rightys convinced!!!

Anyone who has seen or heard the "before the camera rolls" coaching of the troops knows better except those to the Right. It's just so amusing and incredible at how gullible they are. Publicly, coached soldiers would say whatever they are told to say because that is what they are trained for - to follow command and their Commander without question. I respect them for that - that is how we win at war! Doesn't mean that they think differently in private though. And military wives have to stand by their man regardless of what they truly think and feel least they send the wrong message to their spouse who is in harms way.

The same can be said for anyone with loved ones over there - like my mother and sister (I have a brother and sister in the service with tours in Iraq). Some speak out against it like me. They know that I love them and want them to come home safely. They don't take my difference of opinion as non-support of the war. I think we invaded for the wrong reason (America was duped by the Bush/Cheney propaganda machine) but since we did we must finish. I think Sadam was an evil man but there are evil leaders who bring pain and suffering to its people throughout the globe BUT we can't be martyrs. Sadam was NOT a threat to Earth. I think Bush/Cheney is playing war the wrong way - soldiers have said they need more weapons, better weapons and more men on the ground so their sweeps would have better effect. I agree....there are power in numbers and we should get the shit under control so we can get the Iraqi army trained without diversions so we can bring our men/women home. I SUPPORT YOU, I WANT YOU TO HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED AND THEN I WANT YOU HOME SAFE WITH YOUR LOVED ONES! What is so ugly about that?

As for media staging, if there's one thing the Bush/Cheney administration has mastered it's media staging and propaganda. Fuck all those who dare to challenge it (Joe Wilson example #1).


Like the U.S. 2000 elections, there were disenfranchised voters in Iraq making the Iraq Constitution election a farce! I'll have more to say on this later.

Dumbgirl closes with the statement "VIVA IRAQ!" Moron! Viva is a foreign word that someone prejudice like you have no right to use.


Dumbgirl once declared war on welfare demanding her money back (taxes) but then she contradicts her convictions by okaying welfare for the Jim & Michelle Duggar household of 16 just to spite the Left! So wishy-washy - make up your mind please!!!
I have an aunt - distant aunt mind you - who gave birth to 26 kids including 4 sets of twins. AND they were all from the same man whom she never married! But after 26 kids together, you are definitely married! One son even became a catholic priest and all kids served their local catholic church in one form or another (alter boy, choir, etc.). Isn't God beautiful!!! He created the 10 Commandments because he wanted us all to know how we truly offend him AND then gives us the means to make amends for our sins! Simply beautiful!
I came from a family of 4 kids...I was always envious of my cousins who had so many brothers and sisters to play with. Okay so no one likes hand-me-down clothing or having to eat chicken this and chicken that 365 days out of the year but they were happy even when they argued. The best part was having older working brothers/sisters who did not hestitate to give you $20 to go to the movies or loan you a car.
Power of the media - if it's true that this family is cooperating with a few networks to air their story on television than isn't that media staging for personal gain? Wonder what Dumbgirl has to say about that!


Ooohhhh what sinners! Holier Than Thou Dumbgirl needs to wake up and smell the coffee as she goes around degrading people all the time! I myself lived "in sin" with my husband of 20 years AND had our first child (Dumbgirl would call him a "bastard" or "aberration") out of wedlock. He's the greatest and sweetest kid out there. God is more open-minded than Dumbgirl as this product of sin, my son, was baptized in the Catholic Church at 2 weeks old. God bless him!
Furthermore to add to Dumbgirl's ire and prove her marriage is going strong 20 yeras married (plus 2 more years living in sin) thank you very much! Here's the record breaker - we knew each other for exactly one week before I left my successful life behind to move halfway around the world & shack up in sin. I was not uneducated, nor poor. On the contrary I was a 22 year old Senior Vice President at a bank and a Manager at a hotel living in my own fully furnished (with cash) apartment driving around in the cutest top of the line foreign sportscar. AND I HAVE NO REGRETS, looking forward to raising grandkids and growing old with my hubby!
To each's own Dumbgirl....stop being so judgemental!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Welcome to my blog! I don't have to tell you who I am and I have no desire to brag. Besides, you don't know me. Politically, I generally sit "center" with my ass hanging more to the left. I started this blog as a direct result of being sensored (deleted is more accurate a word) from some half-wit's blog. Here, you can say whatever you want about anything you want - even if we disagree - the First Amendment is honored here. I won't delete you like some other blog idiots at the slightest hint of dissent. You'll find no blinders on here only an open mind. There's two sides to every story. And yours just might amuse me.

Give me a couple days to get this Blog set up - there's so much to talk about!